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Rehabbing the Heart

Every year, about 1.2 million Americans have a heart attack, which is a block in the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. Many of these people die. For those who do not, the heart attack is a signal that work needs to be done.

After emergency treatment for a heart attack, many people begin a medically supervised recovery through cardiac rehabilitation. This includes education and counseling services to help them increase physical activity and fitness, improve overall health, and reduce cardiac symptoms and the risk of future problems.

The journey back to heart health can then continue through a cardiac maintenance program such as the one offered by the Care New England Wellness Center.

“Cardiac maintenance is available for graduates of a cardiac rehabilitation program who want to continue receiving support and guidance to maintain lifestyle changes for health improvement,” explains Stacie McCarthy, EP, MS, an exercise physiologist with the Wellness Center. She adds that, “The program is not restricted to cardiac patients. It is a medical fitness program open to all individuals with risk factors for disease or who have been diagnosed with diabetes or pulmonary conditions or who are simply sedentary and want to begin an exercise program.”

McCarthy and an assistant, who are both certified in advanced cardiac life support, run the program. Medical supervision is provided by Alfred Arcand, MD, a geriatrics and family medicine specialist in West Warwick.

Cardiac maintenance is an important factor in preventing future health concerns. “Cardiac disease is a progressive disease. Exercise is medicine and consistency is key,” McCarthy says.

The Wellness Center program is unique in that it provides participants with personalized attention, including telemetry or blood glucose testing as needed. The staff works directly with the participants’ primary care physicians or cardiologists as they develop a program that can include personal strength training, aqua fitness classes, and group fitness classes.

For more information on participating in the cardiac maintenance program at the Care New England Wellness Center, call the center at (401) 732-3066.

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