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Helping Families to be "Conversation Ready"
To help raise awareness around end-of-life care issues, Care New England has developed a wealth of information regarding palliative and hospice care, including videos Q&As with “conversation ready” clinicians and with Kim Hogg, who discussed the proactive approach that helped her family cope prior to her mother passing away earlier this year. We've also created a “Conversation” info graphic focused on how to start these difficult discussions. Read more
Easing the Daily Shuffle through Meditation
Meditation practice can not only calm and clear the mind – it can improve health issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. There are dozens of meditation styles and each one serves different purposes, but what they all seem to have in common are techniques designed to promote relaxation and mindfulness. Learn more about the various styles and their benefits.
Healthy Steps to Losing Weight
Our registered dietitians and exercise physiologists will help you achieve long-term results. Our Healthy Steps™ program is a 12-week, customized program with personal appointments that includes membership to the Healthtrax fitness center. Learn More Details
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Care New England Wellness Center
Care New England Wellness Center
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