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Meet Some of Our Employees: Danette, Care New England

Danette Danette
Lead Billing Analyst
CNE Professional Billing
Personal: I was born in California but moved to Rhode Island when I was 8 and grew up in Cranston. My husband and I were married in December 2005, and are in the process of moving to Clayville with our three cats. In my free time, I like to go for walks, especially to the pond that’s nearby. We also love entertaining family and friends. Both my husband and I enjoy cooking. He’s the main cook and I help with the prep and salads – it’s a wonderful thing!
Education: After graduating from Cranston High School West, I went to Katherine Gibbs to be a Certified Medical Assistant, and I’ve been in the medical field ever since then.
My Work: I joined Care New England in 2003 as a Billing Analyst and have since been promoted to Lead Billing Analyst. This is a very busy, fast-paced department that handles billing for all of our hospitals. Our work includes everything from billing for birthing procedures, oncology services to psychiatric services. Part of my job involves helping my co-workers resolve billing issues for patients, so that patients understand their bills. Another part of my job is to identify insurance issues and trends, such as an increase in certain procedures denying, and to communicate that information to my supervisor. I also assist my supervisor with projects. Before joining Care New England, I specialized in billing for an imaging company. My work here is much more varied and interesting.
Best About My Job: My co-workers are definitely what I like best about my job. We all spend a lot of time at work so it’s important that everyone get along. This is the first place I’ve been where the people I work with truly get along. I appreciate the quality of my supervisors and director – they have a great deal of integrity and I value that. I also enjoy resolving problems to help bring in more revenue. We deal with dozens of insurance carriers, and we bill all of them, even the smaller carriers as a courtesy to our patients. Each insurance carrier has different guidelines so our department needs to stay on top of their differences in order to help our patients as well as the practices.
Best About Care New England: The fact that I’m continually learning is one of great things about my job. Processes changes, insurance companies update their guidelines, and procedures that weren’t covered become covered or vise versa. The saying, “Learn something new every day,” is true here – I do.

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