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Meet Some of Our Employees: Idrialis, Butler Hospital

Idrialis Idrialis
Registered Nurse
Geriatric Unit
Personal: I live with my family and our dog in Providence. In my off-hours, I manage a dance team, teaching Dominican dancing to young girls in my community.
Education: I initially went to college to study education, but while I was in college, I had a job in a nursing home and fell in love with working with elderly patients. I changed my career path to nursing and earned my bachelor of science in nursing degree. I started working at Butler after graduation from the University of Rhode Island. Some of my clinicals were done at Butler Hospital, including some time on Butler’s former geriatric unit. Now I work in the new Lippitt Geriatric Center which is really geriatric-friendly: more spacious, airier, and has more geriatric-friendly colors.
My Work: On the geriatric unit, I assess my patients' individual needs and make sure they get the physical, psychosocial and emotional care they need.
Best About My Job: What I like best about my job is how friendly and supportive the staff is. As a new grad, I wondered how I would be accepted. They were very welcoming – I felt like a part of the team immediately.
Best About Butler Hospital: What attracted me to Butler is the true interdisciplinary spirit here. In school we learned about interdisciplinary team work where doctors, nurses, and other members of the patient care team work closely. But at some hospitals, I didn’t find that to be the case. At Butler, all of the providers really work as a team. Everyone shares their observations and opinions. The doctors really listen to what we have to say, and the whole team works together to create a care plan that fits each patient’s needs.

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