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Care New England Wellness Center
Care New England Wellness Center
Nutrition/Weight Management Nutrition / Weight Management
The Care New England Wellness Center offers programs that focus on long-term lifestyle changes, not just short-term solutions. Our medically-based weight management solutions include nutrition counseling, exercise, education and behavior modification.

A Good Workout Starts with a Plan

Working out more seemed like a good resolution for this year. But it can be difficult to stick with your routine. Picking an activity that you enjoy and will give you the results you want is key. Learn why a good workout starts with a plan.
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Diabetes Outpatient Education

A physician's referral may be required. Contact the center for more information on Diabetes Outpatient Education at 732-3066. All classes are held at the CNE Wellness Center.
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Nutrition Consultation Cards

Here's an accessible and affordable option for nutrition counseling services. Purchase a card for $85 and receive five 15-minute private appointments with one of our registered dietitians.
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A Successful Diet After All
Patient Story: David
For most of David's life he battled with his weight while experimenting with multiple fad diets. It wasn't until he started the Healthy Steps Weight Management program that he committed to a new lifestyle filled with healthy eating and a diligent exercise routine.
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  Healthy Steps

Our registered dietitians and exercise physiologists will help you achieve long-term results. Our Healthy Steps™ program is a 12-week, customized program with personal appointments that include membership to the Healthtrax fitness center.

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