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Nutrition Recomendations for Cancer Patients
Nutrition Recomendations Can Be Different for Cancer Patients

Nutrition recommendations for cancer patients are different because they are designed to help build up your strength and help you withstand the effects of your cancer and its treatment.  When you are healthy, eating enough food to get nutrients you need is usually not a problem.  During cancer treatment, however, this can become a challenge, especially if you have side effects or simply don't feel well.

The Health Care Team at the Care New England Wellness Center will use nutrition intervention to:

  • Prevent or treat nutrition problems, including preventing muscle and bone loss.
  • Decrease side effect problems that affect nutrition.
  • Keep up the patient's strength and energy.
  • Help the immune system fight infection.
  • Help the body recover and heal.
  • Keep up or improve the patient's quality of life.Everyone needs a healthy diet and exercise program for good health and to help prevent disease. Cancer survivors have special health needs and a healthy diet helps prevent late effects such as obesity, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

To make an appointment with one of our Licensed Registered Dietitians or for more information; call the Care New England Wellness Center at 401-732-3066.

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