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Healthy Steps Weight Management Program

Weight Management

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A successful diet after all

For most of David's life he battled with his weight while experimenting with multiple fad diets. Although he had some moments of success over the years, none one of them gave him the right tools to keep his weight off. It wasn't until he started the Healthy Steps weight management program that he committed to a new lifestyle filled with healthy eating and a diligent exercise routine.

A friendly staff of dietitians and exercise physiologists facilitate the Healthy Steps program. This team really gets to know each participant, focusing on the individual’s personal needs and tastes. The dietitians address calorie counting, intake frequency and food group balance, while the exercise staff provides fitness guidelines and routines for workouts that can be done at home or in a fitness center.

“Like millions of Americans, my New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. In the past, I had brief success in varying degrees with Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Diet Center, Atkins, The Grapefruit Diet and many others, but none of these “diets” compared to the personal and common sense approach I’ve experienced in the Healthy Steps program. I have lost nearly 100 pounds during the program and have kept it off for over a year. The clinicians taught me to focus on long-term lifestyle changes, not short-term results. I have more energy than ever, and approach life with a better attitude.”

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