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Believing in the Benefits of Massage

At 65, Carolyn is a healthy, active mature adult who works part-time as a writer and exercises daily. Her occupation requires her to spend a significant amount of time at her computer, building up stress in her shoulders. As a result of her work, she experiences considerable muscle tightness in her upper back, chest and shoulders, heightened by a touch of arthritis in her neck. To help alleviate her chronic pain, Carolyn scheduled a massage at the Wellness Center. Previously, she had sought massage therapy purely for relaxation and indulgence, but since her experience proved to be so beneficial for her overall health and well-being, she decided to explore it as a medical intervention.

Carolyn scheduled her first session at the Wellness Center three years ago for chronic pain relief and the rest is history. She is now a routine client and firm believer in the benefits of massage. Regularly scheduled deep tissue work from a skilled massage therapist who understands the human muscular and skeletal systems, has proven to be extremely beneficial, both physically and mentally. Massage has helped to relieve her stress-induced muscle tightness and pain, improve her posture, and teach her the value of deep breathing.

Carolyn has also experienced relief from acute pain through massage. The most dramatic experience was the massage treatment she received for her tennis elbow. Being opposed to medical treatment, she sought out massage as a less invasive intervention. Her therapist focused on the painful arm and was able to reduce the swelling, decrease the pain, and restore her mobility. As Carolyn says, “that experience alone made a real believer out of me!”

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