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Besides taking medication to control his blood pressure, George Ireland was the picture of health. He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke, and there was no history of heart disease in his family. The one risk factor he did have in his life was stress. At the age of 60, George suffered a heart attack, which he attributes to the daily stressors that were consuming his life.

George’s incident led him to Kent hospital where he underwent a diagnostic test called a catherization. This test determines the amount of damage suffered by the heart, which in his case was quite severe. George’s physicians did not recommend any other invasive procedures such as surgery, but strongly encouraged George to enter a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Realizing that stress was a strong contributor to his heart attack, our program at the Care New England Wellness Center was a perfect choice for him. Our program focuses on stress management and behavior modification, which is modeled after the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The program is built around the “relaxation response” which includes yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to help reduce stress.

During the 13-week program, George was supervised by our team of specialists that included cardiac nurses, exercise physiologists and registered dietitians. The program enabled him to make heart healthy lifestyle changes through exercise, nutrition counseling and stress management. He received a personalized exercise routine, private nutrition counseling, and continued guidance and supervision through group education and monitored exercise training. And let’s not forget the weekly treat- heart healthy snacks prepared by the nutritionists.

Although George lost about 15 pounds, he feels learning to manage stress was his biggest achievement. As a result of the program, George decreased his blood pressure medication, increased his energy level and felt improved confidence. George celebrated his graduation from the rehabilitation program, and then entered in our Cardiac Maintenance program. He participated in the Maintenance program for approximately 6 months. It was at that at point that George had full confidence to continue with his new heart healthy lifestyle on his own.

For more information regarding our Cardiac Wellness Programs (hyperlink to cardiac page) please call the Care New England Wellness Center in Warwick (401) 732-3066.

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