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Care New England Wellness Center

Other Patient Stories

A former bipolar patient recalls his long battle with his own self
These days, Jim McNulty is known as a man with a mission. He spends a great deal of time and energy flying...[Read More]

How one man nearly lost the time to live
For Mario Della Grotta, time was a commodity more precious than gold. His days consisted of a long, agonizing series of ritualistic...[Read More]

Family therapy provided a roadmap to healing
It came, with a vengeance, as the honeymoon wound down. Molly had struggled with bipolar disorder since her early teens. Now, as...[Read More]

All American guy overcomes addiction
After years of struggling with addiction, Tom Coderre is now in long-term recovery and working as an advocate so that other people...[Read More]

A new way to treat depression at butler
In a small room at Butler Hospital, Cheryl Palmer reclined in a chair as Dr. Linda Carpenter, a psychiatrist, positioned a curved...[Read More]

Angels of Mercy at Women & Infants
At 92, Doris Layden is one of those plucky, assertive, independent ladies who lives on her own on Great Island in Narragansett....[Read More]

Celebrating a life
Kathleen DeCubellis tells the story of her husband's heroic struggle against cancer.   Two and a half years ago my husband Joe...[Read More]

Staying at home and out of the hospital
Margaret Conley is a woman who was used to living independently until being hospitalized for a cardiac-related disease. Her hospitalization lasted five...[Read More]

I would give Women and Infants an A +
In November 1998, Marianne Gianfrancesco, a retired educator from the State of Rhode Island, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like all patients...[Read More]

Helping families heal
Sometimes it got so bad that she would go outside and cry in the rain, just sit there in the freezing rain,...[Read More]

Her voice was a beautiful sound
Born at 22.3 weeks and weighing the same as five sticks of butter was definitely not the easiest way to begin life....[Read More]

Kathy’s Story: Dual diagnosis services aid recovery from struggle with depression, alcohol abuse
As a young girl in 1950, Kathy Leonard suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident that has kept her in...[Read More]


.[Read More]

Regaining Skills after a Stroke
When Marie turned 60, she meant to start a healthier lifestyle. She was severely overweight and had a history of high blood...[Read More]

Jose's Promise to Walk Again
 When I can walk on my own, I promise to come to VNA of Care New England’s office and show everyone.” That’s...[Read More]

Three bundles of joy... caring for triplets
Kelly and Nick Petrangelo knew they wanted to be parents from the time they decided to marry, so when they found out...[Read More]

Teamwork in action
Richard is an incredible individual who does not allow the limitations of his multiple sclerosis limit his life goals. He wants to...[Read More]

Home Care Makes Living Independently Possible
Virginia remembers January 6, 1971 clearly - it was the first of many surgeries for her rheumatoid arthritis. The debilitating disease began...[Read More]

Cecilia is back to doing what she loves thanks to Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab
In November of 2009, Cecilia returned home from the hospital after her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) left her extremely short of...[Read More]

Joint Replacement Doesn't Slow Him Down
As an avid marathoner, Rick had pounded his knees for more than 25 years. Racquetball, skiing and walking 18 holes on golf...[Read More]

This extra set of hands has been a blessing in disguise...
When Gail Parmentier brought home twin daughters last March, she faced more than the typical new mother angst. Breastfeeding both girls far...[Read More]

Special Care for Special Needs
 After 10 years of marriage, Lisa and Kevin Dupre were finally expecting their first child. Excitement, joy and, yes, a little bit...[Read More]

Miraculous Occurrences at Women & Infants’ Prenatal Diagnosis Center
When Sandra Guzman was 19 weeks pregnant, she underwent a routine ultrasound. The parents of a healthy 6-year-old son, Camilo, she and...[Read More]

A Great Partnership Means Great Care
For Vickie Caruso, an effervescent retiree, being active with her family and friends was a central part of her life. But 12...[Read More]

Story Begins in Heartache and Ends in Love
Lisa Santoro tells a story that begins in heartache and ends overflowing with love, her words punctuated by the sounds of impish...[Read More]

Look Good....Feel Better
Amelia Gelson has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. Twice, she has undergone chemotherapy that has thinned her normally lush, dark eyebrows...[Read More]

NICU Twins Now Heading to College
Amy and Stephanie Gempp, fraternal twins, were born twelve weeks early on July 22, 1988. Amy weighed 1,000 grams, and Stephanie weighed...[Read More]

A one pound, three ounce fighter
I had my daughter when I was six months because I had many problems with my pregnancy. I had went in early...[Read More]

Nobody thought Brett was going to live
Brett Andrew Nadrowski was born on 2/9/04 at 24 weeks. He weighed 1 lb. 7 oz. or 650 grams and was 15...[Read More]

Mom/Nurse found peace of mind at Women & Infants
Our son, Lance, was born on May 5, 2005 (Cinco de Mayo) at 3:48 pm at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode...[Read More]

Born just over two pounds, now she's a black belt
Lindsay was born 12 weeks premature. She was 14 inches long and weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz. Lindsay had many obstacles to...[Read More]

Thanks to the "angels" at Women & Infants
Our daughter Nabia Marie Morris was born early on 11/29/05 at 24 weeks weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces due to my incomplete...[Read More]

If wishes do come true
We were so excited to find out we were to become parents. All of our friends had children, many of them now...[Read More]

Our Three Little Miracles
I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was December 21, 2000, and we were at Women & Infants having our...[Read More]

Some Nights it's Easier to Sleep in the Tub
 In the fall of 2002, at the age of 24, I began to have episodes of severe abdominal cramping and frequent, urgent...[Read More]

I threw up from the day that my body knew I was pregnant
Pregnancy. It’s a time for feeling the miraculous movements of a baby growing as your belly expands. But for some women, what...[Read More]

Preparing for the Unexpected
As an expectant mother, you can read every book on the market but nothing can adequately prepare you for giving birth, especially...[Read More]

A Simple Solution from Women & Infants
At a time in a woman’s life when work, family and other activities can pull in multiple directions, it’s hard to make...[Read More]

Women & Infants NICU a blessing
 Brendan was born at 24.5 weeks and weighing only 655 grams (23 ounces). He suffered two IVHs, and we were told by...[Read More]

Up for a challenge right from the start
Sixteen years ago my husband, Al, and I experienced the most joyful and worrisome time of our lives. My pregnancy began like...[Read More]

NICU baby comes full circle
Having our newborn in the NICU was extremely stressful. When our 2 lb. 14 oz. daughter Christine was born, I saw her...[Read More]

From the NICU to PPAC
Hi, I’m Matthew Haronian, and I’m 10 years old. I was born 14 weeks prematurely on December 21, 1995. When I was born...[Read More]

Healthy Steps Offers More Than Just Weight Loss

Prior to starting the program, Emily weighed 309 pounds. She had high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and aching joints. Emily was not...[Read More]

Believing in the Benefits of Massage
At 65, Carolyn is a healthy, active mature adult who works part-time as a writer and exercises daily. Her occupation requires her...[Read More]

Helping to heal hearts
Besides taking medication to control his blood pressure, George Ireland was the picture of health. He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke, and...[Read More]

Committing to a healthier lifestyle through Healthy Steps
The day Paula walked into the CNE Wellness Center, she took her first step to beginning a new, healthier way of life....[Read More]

A successful diet after all
For most of David's life he battled with his weight while experimenting with multiple fad diets. Although he had some moments of...[Read More]

Summer challenge results in a weight loss winner
At the end of July, while walking through the cafeteria at work, Gail stopped by a table set up to promote the...[Read More]

Support helps to keep the heart healthy
After enduring quadruple bypass surgery in 1999, John still had many hurdles to overcome on his road to recovery. Four months after...[Read More]

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