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Care New England Wellness Center

Cardiac Maintenance Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation/ Maintenance

Care New England Wellness Center

Support helps to keep the heart healthy

After enduring quadruple bypass surgery in 1999, John still had many hurdles to overcome on his road to recovery. Four months after his operation, John started a 12-week supervised cardiac rehabilitation program to build up his muscular strength and keep his newly “wired” heart healthy. He completed the program and then continued with his rigorous routine of exercise and good nutrition to maintain the new healthy life he was now living.

Although John was well rehearsed in what he needed to do to keep his heart healthy, he found comfort in being surrounded by a supportive team. In the spring of 2003, John joined the Cardiac Maintenance program at the Care New England Wellness Center in East Providence. He has enjoyed the guidance of the wellness team, including a cardiologist, cardiac nurses, exercise physiologists and nutritionists who are all committed to helping him enjoy a heart healthy lifestyle. John says “the team is very friendly and professional, and they have a great attitude.” They provide him with the information and direction he needs to maintain his overall wellness. His weekly maintenance sessions include cardiovascular exercise, heart health nutrition tips, and relaxation workshops to relieve stress. John has also participated in yoga classes as another source of relaxation and peace of mind. In addition to the guidance he receives in the East Providence Center, John visits the Warwick Center to attend the cardiac support group. While he continues to travel on his road to recovery, John has realized how important it is to not lose sight of his emotional health, while keeping his body physically fit, to really feel well.

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