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Care New England Wellness Center

Get Healthy, One Step at a Time

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Drastically changing your lifestyle – slashing your calorie intake in half and pushing yourself to exercise vigorously every day after years as a couch potato – could doom your healthy intentions from the start.

While you may enjoy some short-term benefits, in the long run, it's unlikely you'll want to or be able to keep up the new pace. With that in mind, staff at the Care New England Wellness Center developed a more methodical approach that is easy to integrate into even the most hectic lifestyle.

Healthy Steps is a 12-week medically based weight management program for adults of all ages that teaches you to focus on long-term lifestyle changes instead of the latest fad diet or punishing workout regimen.

You will discuss your weight loss goals with members of the wellness team, who will then create a personalized program that will help you lose weight safely. That could include a tailored weight management program or private nutrition counseling to help you.

Your program will include the following:

  • Nutrition counseling
    - Learn healthy food choices and substitutions you can make to lower your calorie intake
    - Discover the best time of day to eat
    - Balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet
    - Track your calories and fat intake each day
    - Take home healthy recipes to try
  • Exercise help
    - You will have a three-month membership with full access at Healthtrax Fitness
    - In five fitness coaching sessions, you will be introduced to the cardiovascular and strength training equipment in the center, and learn the value of stretching before each workout
    - You can take aqua aerobics or swim laps in the pool
    - There are various group exercise classes
    - You will learn exercises you can do at home

Weight loss is largely behavior modification and Healthy Steps is a great way to make the necessary changes with expert guidance and support. To get started, call (401) 732-3066.

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