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Care New England Wellness Center
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 Social Media Balance

Finding your Social Media Equilibrium
"Everything in moderation" is an old adage used to describe achieving a balance in behaviors from dieting to spending. It's also true for social media consumption. Learn how to find your social media balance

 Benefits of Meditation
Easing the daily shuffle through meditation
Meditation practice can not only calm and clear the mind – it can improve health issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. There are dozens of meditation styles and each one serves different purposes, but what they all seem to have in common are techniques designed to promote relaxation and mindfulness. Learn more about the various styles and their benefits
 Depression and Cancer

Fight Off the Depression That Can Come With Cancer
Depression and anxiety seem to be natural reactions to a cancer diagnosis and can also be the result of various cancer treatments.  Those diagnosed often share the same worries. Tips to lift your spirit

 Lewy Body Dementia
Caring for a loved one with Lewy Body Dementia
Lewy BodyDementia (LBD) is a type of dementia that affects 1.3 million Americans. Because its symptoms can closely resemble Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, it can be difficult to diagnose. Symptoms of LBD and tips on how to preserve your own well being when caring for a loved one
 Stress Relief
Stressed about stress
It’s not a germ left behind on a door knob or a grain of pollen floating in the spring air, but stress can be equally as debilitating once it settles into your body. In fact, while a cold or allergies will fade with time, stress can set down roots and stay, threatening your physical and emotional health in the process. Read more

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT helps patients take back control of their lives
Looking back at how his behaviors, such as depression and compulsive shopping affected his life, Bob realized he had been in a downward spiral for quite some time. "No doubt my behaviors had a lot to do with my marital troubles." Read more
 Symptoms of Alzheimers 10 Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
Early intervention is important. "Studies are in progress to identify the earliest signs and symptoms of AD so that treatments can be applied when they are likely to be most effective," Dr. Malloy says. "These treatments may not prevent development of dementia, but they may postpone it and help keep someone functioning well."
  Don't get "stuck" on a fear of needles
Feel like fainting at the sight of a needle? Or, better yet, running? Fear of needles is not uncommon and is usually relatively harmless—unless it keeps you from getting the medical care that you need to stay healthy. Understanding the fear and how to cope
Primary Care The importance of primary care
We’re good about bringing our kids to their regular well visits at the pediatrician’s and  reliable when it comes to chauffeuring elderly relatives for their appointments. Why then are we so quick to put off our own primary care visits? Why does it often take a major illness or health scare to get our attention?  Read more
 Acupuncture Acupuncture: Pinning Down the Problem
After six months of pretending my shoulder pain was temporary, I met with my primary care doctor who recommended a combination of physical therapy and anti-inflammatories. As someone who shies away from medication, I sought an alternative approach: acupuncture. Read more
 Winter blues When the winter blues strike
When entering winter many see changes in energy and sleep patterns. Instead of experiencing depression with insomnia, people with SAD tend to have hypersomnia, or increased sleeping, with more napping during the day. "It's almost like hibernating."  Read more on seasonal depression 
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